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Produce pre-release documentation with a disclaimer, and easily remove the disclaimer from the release version. It has many features that assist you with the content creation: It is also easy to preview the final version of any help topic while developing it, taking into account the conditional content.

For printed output, replace the "Contact us" links with a URL readers can type in a browser. With this functionality, you can do various modifications of the final output: There are global and project-specific variables, and you can use them anywhere in your topic content. This saves your time, avoids mistakes, and makes the documentation project publishing easier and faster.

Product version, edition name, release date, a link to the new version announcement, etc. Vary the header and footer contents based on the output type - no topic footers for printed output. At the core of this service are the Translator Text API and Translator Speech API which power various Microsoft products and services and are used by thousands of businesses worldwide in their applications and workflows, allowing their content to reach a worldwide audience.

Learn how to translate text from one language to another with minimal code.

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Your customized translation system will then easily integrate into your existing applications, workflows, and websites, across multiple types of devices, through the regular Microsoft Translator Text API, by using the category parameter. It can be used on any hardware platform and with any operating system to perform text to text language translation.

You can include the entire content of a help topic into an arbitrary place of other help topic. When working on your documentation project, you can specify a number of settings to fine-tune the result: The key reason for this fluidity is that NMT uses the full context of a sentence to translate words.

So, you keep things centralized - change the building blocks to make changes in all places where they are used.

Translation API Documentation

NMT provides better translations than SMT not only from a raw translation quality scoring standpoint but also because they will sound more fluent and human. Content Snippets In user manuals, we often see content parts repeated in several places. This helps you reuse the content to easier make documentation changes.Overview Explore the API Home Guides Reference Samples Support Add-ons Apps Script API Apps Script makes it easy to create and publish add-ons in an online store for Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, and Forms.

Apps Script add-on documentation has been moved to a new location. Translate is an online translator that provides accurate translations between 96 different languages including English, Spanish, Chinese and more.

Missing vital integration or API function? Contact us. The process is simple - you just write a help topic as you normally do, to include the tips you want to show.

Then you get a ready HTML code snippet to use, and paste it to your web application's HTML code. Online documentation is a strong SEO resource for your company! To assist. Oct 24,  · hello, how to create a translator in visual basic?

for example I have 1 text field and a display box. when the user enters the text in the text field, it is translated simultaneously. Documentation. Documentation: Messaging. Voice.

Verify. Number Insight. Libraries.

Cloud Translation API Documentation

Easily integrate communication features into your app. Tutorials. Using Nexmo’s Voice API, mint-body.com helps their customers scale their growth and translate conversations into relationships and revenue. Pairaphrase Translation API. The Pairaphrase translation API is an interface for processing translations using HTTP and JSON.

The translation API makes it easy to create web and desktop applications.

Write api documentation online translator
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