Womens gryffindor robe

Go for white, black, or grey. You can go for navy, black, grey, or even khaki, as I did. Source Official Gryffindor boys uniforms.

The first type of hat is the Womens gryffindor robe you see here, a black hat that comes to a point on top. Black dress shoes will work for your feet. She writes about a variety of topics including celebrities and music. Choose whatever shade that you like the most, or that best matches the skirt you decide to wear.

You could also use about. Lay it out flat.

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Carry around school books to seem more like a student. To complete the belt, I folded the strip in half lengthwise and pressed again, then Womens gryffindor robe a single seam down the unfolded edge of the belt.

Repeat the previous step, so you have two rectangles. Grey School Skirt Return to Quick Navigation Tights Okay, I admit that tights were probably not a requirement for girls at Hogwarts but they look great with the white shirt and grey skirt.

Apply a dark or light wood varnish to your smoothed wand. For a pointed end, use a small knife to whittle the end of the stick. School Uniform Look in your local thrift stores for a white button-down shirt and a black or gray vest to wear over it. The skirt seen in the movies is dark grey, so I have chosen styles that match the movie skirts as closely as possible.

Now, break out your sewing machine and thread it with coordinating thread. There are a lot of different tights you can choose from in a variety of grey colors.

See below for a tutorial on hair and make-up. Peel off any bark and use a piece of sandpaper to smooth down the sides of the stick.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Robe - Girl

These are the official female costumes for Ravenclaw used in the movies. Wear a pair of black slacks, or make your own Womens gryffindor robe black drawstring pantsusing the tutorial available on about. Luckily, a Hogwarts student uniform is extremely easy to make and you can pretty much do-it-yourself with clothes you already have in your closet!

Add cute accessories like earrings and necklaces that go with the theme of Harry Potter. Source Though the Harry Potter films have ended, the fandom is still going on strong and plenty of people will probably be dressing up as a Hogwarts student for Halloween this year.

Truthfully, though, you can make just about any colour work! Sure, you rarely see the shirts underneath the school robes but they are there, so you will want to include one, especially if you want to be as accurate as possible with your outfit. Even tartan can go with the Hogwarts student uniform costume.

Make two thick lines, then skip an inch and make a very thin line. Skip another inch and repeat this pattern.

Owl necklaces or earrings would go perfectly with your Hogwarts school uniform costume! However, based on what we saw in the movies, the hat is required to have but not necessarily to wear. Speaking of owls, if you have any stuffed animals of owls, cats, frogs, or rats, they could be a good "pet" to carry around with you!

This is going to form your sleeves. Glasses Find a pair of glasses at your local thrift store, or make your own with the Print a Pair of Harry Potter Glasses tutorial available in about. Black is best, but most any colour will do. It is for that reason that I am including them.

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How to Make a Harry Potter Costume

Bargain! Front of robe features front clasp and the Gryffindor Crest. This costume is an official licensed Harry Potter costume.

Harry Potter fans, accessorize this costume with a Harry Potter wand, glasses and a tie! Harry Potter Gryffindor Womens Skirt Size STD Red and Gold.

Bleck with two panels down the front in red and gold checkers with the crest of Gryffindor on one side this skirt is the perfect option for fans of the series! Your little monster can be whatever he wants with our wide range of costumes.

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Womens gryffindor robe
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