Tips for writing a nursing resume

Here is the same duty with more details added, which tells the employer how you did your work: Research the employer and target the resume based on the facility values and culture.

Delivered responsive, compassionate, patient-centered care daily to pediatric caseload of up to 50 patients per shift. Did you attend Nurses Day at the Capital?

An employer may enter in specific keywords for the ATS to scan for. Contact the Career Services team on your campus or through CareerLink online for more! Or help register people for the blood drive at church? Developing your professional portfolio. If the resume is not easy to understand, you will quickly lose your reader.

Bilingualism, sign language skills, and unique technical abilities are all examples of highly coveted skill sets that are needed across the healthcare arena.

American Nurse Today, 10 2. It is programmed by an employer to search for the right keywords, in the right order, on the right part of the resume. This is a must for faculty, by the way! Avoid abbreviations unless you list the full acronym out next to it. Nursing school is hard.

These can sometimes make you stand out a bit more than other applicants. GPA is not really necessary — you will have to submit your transcript as part of the application packet, so they can look this up themselves.

In this case, your audience is the potential employer. Or teach CPR to teachers at the elementary school? Emphasize your unique skills and abilities Include any unique skills and abilities that add value to your marketing position.

10 Tips for Writing a New Grad Nursing Resume With No Experience

Also, consider including any affiliations in the education section, such as membership in the National Association of Health Care Assistants. One space is appropriate between each category in your resume.

This means appropriate spacing, font, font size, margins and bullet points. Do not use an email that references hot nurse or other inappropriate terms. Or maybe you published the lit review that you did for your evidence-based practice project or the results of your capstone project?

Nursing Resume Sample

Want even more assistance with your nursing resume? Accurate spelling and grammar, along with consistent formatting throughout, is a must. Quantification will give the hiring manager a clearer picture of your skills and abilities because of the scope it provides.

Be sure to include dates of attendance and majors. Make sure you have an email address that represents you in a professional manner. Effectively illustrating the knowledge and skills you can bring to an entry-level position will set you apart from your competition. Include Past Work Experience While you do not want this to be the focus of your nursing resume, there is no reason to not include a bit of your past experiences.

Instead of simply reading a job posting take a few extra steps to: And the product is you! Bottom line, read the job description and use the exact wording. This is just smart and this information will help you if you get an interview, too.

Are an entry-level CNA Are changing career paths Are re-entering the workforce No matter which resume format you choose, be consistent with dates when writing a resume education section. The idea is to have the entire page be uniform with a nice flow to it. Anything smaller makes it difficult for the reader, which in turn has them moving on to the next resume.

Consider looking into online tools that analyze keywords to see how your resume compares to nursing job postings. Mention your nursing assistant certification as well as other related licenses.A nursing recruiter's guide to writing your resume with easy-to-follow, actionable advice for a targeted, engaging resume.

Use our worksheets and templates to. Learn resume writing tips and advice and get started writing impressive resumes and CVs.

Nursing Education Expert

Find articles on common resume mistakes and strengthening your resume from the career professionals at Monster. 10 Tips for Writing a New Grad Nursing Resume With No Experience. 01/03/ By Kelly Lanigan, RN, Contributor. 10 New Grad Nursing Resume Tips.

1. Structure your resume in an organized manner. Your resume serves as the first impression you offer to potential employers.

Communication skills are key in the nursing profession, and your. 8 Tips for Writing a Resume That Will Stand Out From the Crowd. Tips on Writing a Powerful Career Change Resume.

+ Free Professional Resume Examples. How to Select a Resume File Name. Top 10 Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid. Tips for Choosing the Best Font Size for Resumes. Whether you're looking for your first nursing job or looking for a career change, setting yourself apart from the pack can be difficult.

We've got the best tips for making your nursing resume stand out. Check them out! Below are 10 tips you can use when creating your first nursing resume. 10 New Grad Nurse Resume Writing Tips 1.

Structure and Organization Your resume is the first impression the hiring manager will have about your communication skills.

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Tips for writing a nursing resume
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