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I study algebraic structures called commutative rings. My research primarily involves problems related to statistical analysis within genetics, genomics, and in particular the human microbiome the set of bacteria that Thesis applied mathematics in and on a person. They can also work in engineering, programming, finance, business, or they can provide services for non-profit organizations, corporations or governmental institutions.

In collaboration with a scientist or social scientist, use appropriate statistical methodology or variations on existing methods to answer an interesting scientific question. Plus anything you find interesting.

Tropical geometry combines combinatorics and discrete geometry with classical algebraic geometry, and allows for developing theory and computations that tell us about the classical varieties.

How can we optimally assign samplers based upon model structure? Mathematical Physics and Functional Analysis. Any topic in statistics, such as: How can we find nice sets of generators for this ideal? Statistical methodology, application, and education, including but not restricted to subjects related to the topics above.

I am most interested in systems that form patterns or display other sorts of collective behavior. Dynamics on compact or locally compact spaces. I am also interested in the theory of tight closure, and Homological Algebra.

What do they let us compute about the varieties? Prove such results in the tropical world, and study how the classical and tropical results interact. Ergodic theory and measurable dynamics; in particular mixing properties and rank one examples, and infinite measure-preserving and nonsingular transformations and group actions.

Analytic number theory, random matrix theory, probability and statistics, graph theory. Topics in mathematics and in particular: How do we describe those effects? It turns out that the properties of zeros of L-functions are extremely useful in attacking questions in number theory.

Which polyhedra are possible? What do these generators tell us about the associated tropical variety? For instance, with the tropical curve being embedded in the Euclidean plane.

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For instance, a tropical surface of degree 4 contains a distinguished polyhedron with at most 63 facets. Graduates of Bachelors or Masters in Applied Mathematics have the opportunity to develop careers in many fields and working environments including education and academic research, technology services or the pharmaceutics industry.

This would involve designing a framework to define rules based upon model and algorithm properties e. I am interested in the study of the spectral properties of various operators arising from mathematical physics — especially the Schrodinger operator.

Bernhard Klingenberg On leave Possible thesis topics: Such a solution set is called a variety.Three-Minute Thesis Competition; Programs and courses Show sub-menu. Programs and courses Back ; Graduate courses; The Discontinuous Galerkin Method Applied to Problems in Electromagnetism: Department of Applied Mathematics University of Waterloo Waterloo, Ontario Canada N2L 3G1 Phone:ext.

Professor of Applied Mathematics Thesis Supervisor Accepted by. Hung Cheng Chairman, Applied Mathematics Committee Richard Melrose Chair, Department Committee on Graduate Students. Enumeration in Algebra and Geometry by Alexander Postnikov Submitted to the Department of Mathematics on May 2,in partial.

Senior thesis and phd thesis at the mathematics department. Planning Courses Sample Schedules Requirements Senior Theses. Students specializing in mathematical economics may substitute one of the Economics thesis seminars for Applied Mathematics 99r.

These seminars are full courses for letter-graded credit which involve additional activities beyond preparation of a thesis. They are open. Three-Minute Thesis Competition; Programs and courses Show sub-menu.

Programs and courses Back ; Graduate courses; Dynamical Systems Methods Applied to the Michaelis-Menten and Lindemann Mechanisms Department of Applied Mathematics University of Waterloo Waterloo, Ontario Canada N2L 3G1 Phone:ext.

Division of Applied Mathematics Master Thesis in Mathematics / Applied Mathematics Valuation of cancelable interest rate swaps via Hull-White trinomial tree model.

Thesis applied mathematics
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