The media and the environment essay

It has few rules of behaviour and fewer lines of authority. Hence, the information I originally produced becomes the subject of scrutiny and opinion, and can be interpreted to mean something very different to what I originally intended.

However, narrative is far from natural having taken 4, years to mature Landow I must fully comprehend what Nelsonp.

Therefore, the contemporary information environment suggests an abandonment of traditional conventions, such as narratives where we start at the beginning, develop through the middle and finish at the end. But since I completed year 12 inI have witnessed a lava-like eruption of information in the world, instigated by the emergence of the Internet.

With this in mind, how are we to determine what information is genuine and what is not? A reader of hypertexts may assume the author is dead altogether Douglasbut as a creator of information I still exist, just in a less obvious way.

Take my Networked Media blog for example, according to Landowp. In order to make sense of the contemporary information environment we need to deepen our understanding of it, so it becomes as natural as our understanding of books and encyclopaedias Miles, Every time we post something to a blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, online forum and so forth, we are contributing bits of information to the intertwined, messy online information network.

In attempting to characterise the contemporary information environment I will highlight an important consideration for me as a future media maker, which is a certain loss of control over the information I produce. This fluid information is not neatly arranged between the covers of books by the privileged few, because it runs all over the place in a wayward manner and is accessible to many.

I have always imagined the contemporary information environment as a network similar to the London Tube. This means that pieces of information do not always end up in the same place, and are not inherently part of a traditional framework such as a narrative containing a beginning, middle and end.

There is no end, like there is no distance and no hierarchy. An Essay I once thought information existed only between the official covers of encyclopedias. Due to this information revolution, everyday people are able to organise information according to their own tastes and dispositions Douglasand they do this through the use of hypertext.

Before I expand on the shape of the contemporary information environment, I would like to highlight one particular tool used for navigating this space known as hypertext. In becoming network literate and relinquishing control over the media I produce, I feel I will be able to create the type of media that will be successful in the contemporary media environment.

The Contemporary Media Environment: An Essay

I may then implement technology such as hypertext, in my productions to allow for information to be used interactively. However, Bush came up with a rebuttal to this idea saying researchers found it exceedingly difficult to keep up with the number of conclusions being drawn by an increasing number of specialists, leading to important information being overlooked.

This differs greatly to traditional frameworks for information sharing, such as books, as Douglasp. It has nothing natural in it.

This skill is known as network literacy, and according to Milesp. If this was the case inwe have an even bigger issue in contemporary times, as the many who generate meaning on the Web are not specialists — not official specialists in any case.

This means recognising that canonical sources of information no longer exist, and that information can be organised in a variety of ways by an assortment of actors Miles, If we are to participate in an information environment whereby media is organised according to the likes or dislikes of everyday citizens, we will probably not experience the familiar, resolute endings we are familiar with Douglas Furthermore, information containing hypertext is fluid rather than fixed, which allows for readers to imagine different scenarios Douglas The following video outlines the ideas and concepts behind hypertext.

It has no distance. Moreover, the media I produce will become part of the intangible, nonlinear environment as highlighted by Weinberger above. Landow, GHypertext 3. According to Douglasp. Courtesy of Tom Wigley via Flikr As a future media maker, I can see the need to move away from this analogy in order to understand a new information network, one where many participants will share, interpret, link and alter information produced by me, and nothing I create can be gospel.

This realisation forces me to imagine a disorganised, overlapping and chaotic information environment. In creating our own beginnings, middles and ends we are creators of new meaning, having broken free of the traditional conventions of information sharing.Media Portrayal of Environmental Risk Essay Words | 12 Pages.

Media Portrayal of Environmental Risk: Dissemination or Delusion? Transmission of ideas and information through media avenues like television and the press are the predominant means by which much of contemporary culture and the developed world obtain vital information.

Essay Media Use and Media Consumption in the Home Environment - Audience reception is a critical area of focus and research when approaching media audiences. It is dependent on the context of viewing, making media use and media consumption within the home environment and other contexts an interesting area of study.

Role of the Media in Democracy. The media does play a critical role and a big part in shaping democracy due to the invention of radio, television and especially the internet.

Essay on Media: Media and Social Movements. Mass Media Jane Murray, Rick Linden and Diana Kendall. (). "Mass Media." Sociology in Our Times.

5th Canadian Edition, Nelson Education. This is a chapter from the book (available on WebCt). The chapter explains the changing role of Mass Media in a changing society and the ideologies it. The importance of the topic in today’s world of media is indisputable because of the change in media environment which brings out the necessity more than ever of applying news values criteria to practical journalistic work.

Hypertext is an important concept for me as a future media maker, as it enables the media I produce to be linked to others, thus becoming part of the contemporary media environment.

Bolter (, p. 40) suggests, ‘the needed skills [of the media maker] go beyond the mechanical ones of holding a pen and turning the pages.

The media and the environment essay
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