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He deposits all school moneys in the various banks. He carries out his orders. He grows some vegetables for himself and his family in the vacant plot near his hut. He carries mails to and from the local post-office.

He opens the class room and dusts desks, tables and chairs. Sometimes he is sent to post letters. His salary and perks must be increased. Darya Khan has to do other jobs also.

Had he been a graduate, he might have got the post of a clerk. Because the teacher themselves are poor too. Principal knows that school cannot do without him. He is an important person. He remembers the names of some of them and tells us interesting tales of their activities, their jokes and funs.

There the teachers read out the notice in their respective classes. He circulates important notices and orders from the Head Master to every class. He goes on ringing the bell at the end of each period.

He is a resident of Swat and had collie to our city to seek some job lie was employed by our school as a peon. He is expected to know some of the office-secrets. He gets a small salary. When it is time to close the school, he rings the final bell. He then rings the bell.

Sometimes, he has to fetch tea or soil drinks for the Head Master or his visitors, He also goes to a teacher and tells him that the Head Master wants to see him. He cooks his own food and enjoys doing work. Sakhi Jan has many jobs to perform. He gets cashed all school cheques and pays all local bills.

Sakhi Jan is always present at the school in his Khaki uniform when we arrive there. His children are given free education in the school.

Shyam Sunder is our school peon.Peon is a very important person in a school. Sohan the peon of our school. He is a very good man. All teachers and students like him. Sohan Lai is about twenty six years old. He has pas his Middle.

The School Peon Essay for Students, Short essay 200 words.

Essay On: Our School Peon. Our school peon’s name is Jack. He is a middle aged man. He is very tall. He has gray hair and thick moustache. He wears a white uniform to school. It is always neat and clean. He reaches school before us to clean and arrange our classrooms.

During the day, he works very hard. May 15,  · English Essay on "The School Peon" Lean old but energetic Darya Khan-is our school peon. He is a pleasant person to talk to and a kind man to help the students.

The School Peon Essay In every school, the peon is a very important person. He not only helps students but also shares the responsibility of running the school. Jun 13,  · One who sits outside the Head Master’s office is called a school peon. He is an important person.

You think that he has no importance. But the Head Master knows very well how great his services are for the school. Mr.

English Essay - The School Peon

Ramu is our school peon. He has been serving the school most faithfully for the last thirty five years. He is as old as the school. He has .

School peon essay
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