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As previously stated, Harris was demonized for her actions. It has be reported that many voters misread the ballot, and mistakenly followed the lines separating the candidates, not the arrow pointing towards the intended candidate. Bush and Gore are only on the margins of this saga, with starring roles instead given to the personalities of campaign strategists and the quirks of a too-fallible election system and temperaments poorly designed to handle near-tie votes.

Butterfly ballot, hanging and dimpled chads, Katherine Harris, Vice Presidential candidate Lieberman? The butterfly ballot, an invention of a democrat, is considered a major cause for many older voters or potentially uneducated voters voting for Pat Buchanan.

Gore ended up winning both a Nobel Peace Prize and Academy Award in his life long crusade to educated the American public, as well as people of the world, to the world-wide threats that face our planet in the very real dangers of "Global Warming".

My belief is that there were people whose votes were ruined because of their inability to punch a hole in the chad, but it is also my Recount movie review of bias and that many people, maybe more, accidently began to punch a chad in error, but stopped themselves.

In Canada, we have laws against media reporting results before the west has completed voting, and I think those laws could be extremely beneficial to future US elections. The directors do this to try and show that Lieberman ruined it for the Dems, but the hypocrisy in the statement is too damn high.

The movie does a decent job of displaying political preference in the system, but has none of the characters put solutions towards this issue because it comes down to one thing: In short it was a one shot deal to get Bush Jr.

The final issue is hand recounts, which were repeatedly stopped by one form of government or court every other day it appears this way in the movie.

What this movie does decently well is not spinning this particular issue too much. A chad is the piece of paper that is intended to be removed when a voter punches the hole. On election day night, Gore is on the verge of conceding victory to Bush when Democratic campaign advisor Ron Klaim Kevin Spacey realizes that the error factor makes the vote too close to call.

While this certainly reflects on issues with American elections, its a poor attempt by the director to try and continue to show how the Democrats had everything against them. This was caused by the alignment of the ballot, which many voters may have been confused by. Most of which included votes not being counted due to her delaying or avoiding making key decisions by interpreting the law to either her own opinion or the opinion of her advisors.

Bush presidency after this film? By the early morning of November 8, it was announced that GW Bush in fact had taken Florida and the presidency. Not for Gore Of course in hindsight I would vote for him, but in I would have to consider 3rd party candidates.

S As for loser Al Gore he went on to bigger and better things. Not all all conceding, which he at first did, Gore has his campaign workers go into full political guerrilla warfare mode in trying to get to the bottom of what exactly happened to the missingvotes that, if they all were counted, would very possibly have given him the keys to the White House.

Recount Movie Review of Bias and Events Essay

The Republicans, meanwhile, want to stand by the early polls making Bush the clear winner. All of this occurred before voting polls closed in several states, namely, Florida. Those wild crazy and confusing days back in the autumn of when for some 35 days after the Presidential Election nobody knew who was to be our next and 43th President of the United States.

Next to Bush-bashing documentaries like Fahrenheit and Unprecedented which practically convict the GOP of racketeeringthis scripted version is relatively fair and sympathetic to both ends. The ballot essentially had Gore on one side, and Buchanan on the other with lines separating each box.

Just like this movie, the American justice system is shown to be broken and heavily influenced by their political preference. The movie again goes back to our main character, Ron Klein, being extremely upset over these comments and making a big scene.

In the late evening of Election Day November 7, it looked like, with it being called by most of the news pundits on TV, that Vice President Al Gore had won Florida with its 25 electoral votes and just about clinched the presidency.

The Democrats file lawsuit after lawsuit demanding that the election be put on hold while a painstaking hand recount of each ballot take place -- considering the poorly designed punch cards, the faulty ballot machines in some urban Democrat neighborhoods, and the senior citizens who confusedly voted for the wrong candidate.

Do viewers feel any differently about the George W. Was this review helpful? Should teachers count the original intent of the student answer? Another issue is the media reporting the Florida results early. And at the same time what the determined and no holds bar Republicans headed by GW Bush family lawyer James Baker, Tom Wilkinson, was more then willing to pursue.

If this movie is trying to show the fair and justness of the Democrats in this election, how can they claim that only the votes they wanted counted should be counted.

This had tens of thousands of possible Gore votes not only thrown away but disfranchising those who voted! The movie blatantly spins this issue and makes the Republicans look bad for only wanting their votes counted votes in favor of themwhen the entire movie is about the Democrats getting their votes counted.

When the called it for Bush, I think it gave another push for Gore voters to come out. Hanging chads are different in my opinion.

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Sign in to vote. Bush a new lease on life in him getting into the White House.The film is a good overview of the events that transpired in Florida between the election and the Supreme Court's decision in Bush v. Gore, but it lacked the depth I 77%. Editorial Review for "Bias" Essay; Editorial Review for "Bias" Essay.

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Don’t Let the Facts Stand in the Way of a Good Story!(Editorial Review for Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News) Recount Movie Review of Bias and Events Words | 9 Pages. can. Audiences want heroes, and need an enemy.

Recount Movie Review of Bias and Events. Topics: Voting, Movie Review A few good men January 13, A few good men 2 I choose to watch the movie “A few good men”.

The story line goes as where Tom Cruise is asked to defend two marines who are charged with murder of a fellow officer. During the investigation it was found that the. An early review is in for HBO's upcoming movie, Recount, about the Bush-Gore battle in Florida after mint-body.comn Flynn in Entertainment Weekly, which like HBO is part of the Time-Warner family, has described the film, to premiere next Sunday night, as tilted against the Republican characters.

Recount: Movie. 9 p.m. Sunday, repeated 9 p.m. Monday on HBO. The two biggest obstacles conspiring against "Recount," HBO's new movie, are that people already know the ending and that the politics.

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May 25,  · Review Archives Howards End. Roger Ebert on James Ivory's "Howards End". The Florida Secretary of State during the elections is not intended as the leading role in "Recount," an HBO docudrama about that lamentable fiasco, You might assume the movie is pro-Gore and anti-Bush, but you would not be quite right.3/5.

Recount movie review of bias and
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