Rapid reading writing and maths

People sitting for competitive exams often complain that they could not complete the Question paper within a certain time period as the paper was too length l y. Analysis of data allows us to optimize learning both at an individual and collective level.

The Daily Challenge draws from thousands of learning activities to provide just the right mix of new concepts, along with revision. So you can see the difference. Research Skoolbo Skoolbo is a research-orientated company, and we are passionate in our drive to ensure that every child learns to read and becomes confident with numbers.

More Info Rewards and Motivation Skoolbo places tremendous emphasis on motivating children in their learning. It will give you that sharpness and smartness required to crack any competitive exams. The Skoolbo rewards system is a combination of short, medium and long term goals. The children also love looking at the weekly class reports to see how they did.

Concepts are brought to life by Captain Snaz and Mr Chimp in a fun, engaging manner. We know that a motivated and engaged learner is on a fast track to success! Smart Reports to parents help highlight areas that their child may have difficulty with and suggest great ways to help.

Those 8 extra seconds you win,you can spend on other question. Q Is divisible by 9? We believe these are worth celebrating with a wonderful high five! Similarly try out squares of 57,58 etc. There are numerous other maths tricks for fast calculation.

It suggests activities that are great to do together in order for your child to improve. On completing a Daily Challenge, children are rewarded with a fun Snazzimal character to add to their collection. Lets try some more examples: Children forget they are learning and simply feel they are playing cool video games!

Its just that student do not have the required efficiency. The Help My Child section identifies learning areas that your child is having difficulty with. It draws from thousands of learning activities to provide just the right mix of new concepts, along with revision.

We are able to see trends on how children learn and what may motivate them to further increase learning. Incredible 3D Worlds 3 - 2 - 1 Go!! This program unbelievably well for our students with special needs.

When children are genuinely engaged over an extended period of time, amazing outcomes are possible. Step-by-Step Lessons Skoolbo contains hundreds of step-by-step lessons designed to make concepts easy to understand. We share our findings along with our anonymized data to help researchers and assist educational authorities in their efforts to maximize learning outcomes.

Calculating Square of numbers quickly The Daily Challenge takes around twenty minutes and we recommend they are completed most days.

But remember this amazing book is not free as expected so you will have to buy it. The Daily Challenge Each day children are presented with their personalized learning challenge.

Every nine seconds a child achieves a personal best on Skoolbo!Teaching Mental Maths Tricks to Anyone and Everyone! Learning to perform fast mental maths calculation will help you immensely irrespective of which field of life you deal mint-body.comg these mental maths tricks will give you a positive edge over the mint-body.comr you are a student,aspiring engineer,statistician,scientist,school teacher.

Skoolbo is a full curriculum learning program for four to ten-year-olds. Children are immersed in an incredible learning world and are highly motivated by the inbuilt rewards.

Subjects include Reading, Writing, Numeracy.

Rapid reading writing and maths
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