Process essay how to make kabsa

You can make it at home.

Use the medium pot and cook the vegetable oil and onions from 4 to 6 minutes. I prefer to use spices from Saudi Arabia.

After that add the meat to the onion and stir the meat with the onion. After the required time, remove just the cooked meat and keep it in a warm place and add the rice to the pot.

Afterwards, add six cups of water to the pot that contains the meat and the vegetables and add the spices as well. Finally, there are a lot of ways to eat it. First of all, there are a lot of types of kabsa in Saudi Arabia. The amount of the water depends on the amount of the rice.

You should try this dish to find the real food. You must wait 30 minute it will be done. Some families eat it in the floor and some at the table, and some times in the wedding they do it both ways so everybody can be comfortable while they are eating, but the old way was at the floor and by hand.

Kabsa is one of the traditional foods in Saudi Arabia. Work cited Ranson, Quentin, and Suraiya Ranson. Most of the people like it there. The first step in making Kabsa is having ingredients that this dish contains. Also, you can order it at the restaurants.

This is one way to make kabsa. Put the top on the pressure cooker and lock it. You can add raisins and almonds to the dish for adornment.

The ingredients are different depending on the type of kabsa. Boil everything, decrease the fire, and cover the top for 20 minutes. Kabsa is a staple traditional dish in Saudi Arabia.

The Kabsa Dish - Essay Example

Spices are also required, such as cardamom pods and sticks of cinnamon. Just try this dish and you will be addicted to it. Besides rice and meat, like chicken or lamb, your kitchen should include oil, onions, garlic, tomato puree, tomatoes and carrots.How to Make Kabsa If you have not eaten Kabsa, you have not eaten yet.

Kabsa is a staple traditional dish in Saudi Arabia. It is one of Saudi’s most famous dishes. You should try this dish to find the real food. &#How to Write a Good Essay; Married or Single; Who Am I? Keep Your Freedom.

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Feb 17,  · Essay 2 How to Make Saudi Kabsa Second Draft How to make and eat Saudi kabsa? Kabsa is one of the traditional foods in Saudi Arabia. Most of the people like it there. You can make it at home. There is another way to make kabsa, according to Saudi Kabsa - How to Make Saudi Kabsa.

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kabsa Kabsa is one of traditional dishes in Saudi Arabia and most people like it. It's make at home or you may order it from the restaurant. The almost important ingredients in this dish are rice and meet.

Process essay how to make kabsa
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