Preliminary legal studies notes the legal

By paraphrasing your notes, you are also promoting active engagement with the material. The judge is also required to issue sentences and rulings.

Most barristers specialise in one particular area of the law. Judges sit in intermediate and superior courts and their role is to adjudicate in cases. The proceedings begin when the plaintiff the person bringing the action issues a Statement of Claim.

Legal Studies - HSC

However, do not overdo the colour! Criminal trials are heard before a jury of 12 people. Reflect on your notes. Civil law proceedings involve disputes between two parties that do not involve criminal matters.

The role of the jury is to determine the case and the defendant, guilty or not-guilty. So, how exactly do you do it? Instead, I make two piles of flashcards — one with different terms and concepts, and the other pile with questions.

In civil matters the standard of proof is determined on the balance of probability: Keep in mind that these are your notes and your method of making study notes might not necessarily be the same as your peers. Overlap your notes showing only recall columns and use this for your review.

Preliminary Legal Studies: The Legal System

Review your notes within 24 hours. This means that the jury must be convinced without doubt that the accused is guilty of the crime of which they are accused. Summarise and paraphrase your notes. A magistrate sits in the inferior courts and their role is to determine cases;that is, to reach a verdict.

How To Write Study Notes For HSC Legal Studies

Write your notes according to the syllabus dot points. What is the opposite of this concept? However, to increase the efficiency of the process I recommend typing your notes up, as opposed to handwriting them.

In my personal opinion, this method is particularly useful for taking notes in class, especially with content heavy subjects such as HSC Legal Studies. Ideally, you want them to be the only notes you refer to on the morning of the exam. Government agency action can include rule-making,adjudication, or the enforcement of a specific regulatory agenda.

Administrative law is considered a branch of public law. As you can see, I have purposefully left out some syllabus dot points.

Barrister Barristers almost always receive their work through a solicitor. Here is an example of my exam summary notes.

Legal Studies

Drug Offences — Administrative law Administrative law is the body of law that governs the activities of administrative agencies of government.

The burden of proof always lies with the prosecution. These people are selected at random using the jury register. The left hand side should take up one-third of your page, and the right hand side, two-thirds.

Before Exams The final scramble before an exam is always the most stressful. Still a bit confused? A tort is a civil wrong, other than a breach of contract.

And I suggest you do the same if you are confident that you have adequately prepared for that particular section, and that you can answer any question related to the topic. Use your own judgement in this step. Jot down any information you deem relevant. Judges and magistrates Judges and magistrates preside over the courts.

Divide your page into 2 columns. Make an acronym for the legislation that is easy to remember Abolition of slavery Trade unionism and labour rights Universal suffrage.

However by now, you should be fairly familiar with the content. Tort law is a way in which the law can interfere with relationships between private individuals to correct a form of conduct or wrong.Preliminary Legal Studies: The Legal System Principal focus: Students develop an understanding of the nature and functions of law through the examination of the law-making processes and institutions.

Preliminary Legal Studies: Home; EXAM RESOURCES; Syllabus; Tips and Tricks; Week 1 > Week 2 > Week 3 Exam Resources. Dear Year 11, Please find below some resources to help you with your exam. I will be adding to this over the next two days - so keep checking in! BASIC LEGAL NOTIONS NOTES; SOURCES OF.

Preliminary Legal Studies Notes Define the following terms: Law – a set of rules imposed on all members of a community which are officially recognised, binding and enforceable by persons or organisation such as the police and/or courts.

Legal Preliminary Studies Full Notes. Full set of preliminary Legal studies notes, fully detailed. Created in preparation for final exam.

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3 Pages “How Effective Has Law Reform Been in Responding to the Needs of Same Sex Couples”. May 04,  · Please find here the link here to Year 11 legal studies half yearly - prep notes.

You may post follow-up comments here, or email me at [email protected] if you require further assistance. More to come later, including: Explanation of the multiple-choice questions; Some practice revision.

Legal Studies is designed to foster intellectual, social and moral development by empowering students to think critically on the role of law and legal institutions in society.

This is achieved through a review of selected legal rules, institutions and processes at the domestic and international level, a demystification of terminology and a.

Preliminary legal studies notes the legal
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