How to write a private comment on facebook

Private Messages Log into your Facebook account. If you choose "Friends," anyone on your friends list can read the post, but the general public will not see it.

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If you choose "Custom," a dialog box opens with options to allow specific people to see it or hide the post from specific people. If you choose "Only Me," nobody but you can see it. Be associated with you, even off Facebook Show up when someone does a search on Facebook or on another search engine Be accessible to Facebook-integrated games, applications and websites you and your friends use Be accessible to anyone who uses our APIs, such as our Graph API.

Learn more about using the audience selector to control who you how to write a private comment on facebook with when you post to Facebook. Some of the information you give us when you fill out your profile is public, such as your age range, language and country.

Stuff other people share: Information you share that is always public: Click on the small arrow next to the Post button to open the drop-down menu, the audience selector.

For example, if you use our services to provide a real-time public comment to a television show, that may appear on the show or elsewhere on Facebook.

This info is also public. Slide down to the most appropriate option and click to change the privacy setting for that message. Click the "Messages" option in the navigation pane on the left side of your homepage. Anyone who can see the Page or group can see your post or comment.

Posts on Facebook Pages or public groups: Your name, profile picture and cover photo help people recognize you Gender helps us describe you ex: If you want to tag someone without that person knowing, send a private message instead. What information is public?

Wall Posts Log into your Facebook account. Warning Anyone you tag in your post can see the message regardless of what privacy settings you use, and so can their friends.

When you choose to share something with Public ex: Type the message and click the "Send" button at the bottom of the dialog box. To allow only one person to see the post, for instance, choose "Specific People or Lists" from the drop-down menu inside the Custom box, start typing the name of the person you want to contact, slide down and select the correct name when it appears.

Any time you post on your Facebook timeline, you can choose who may see that post by using the audience selector. Type the comment you want to make in the Update Status box at the top of your homepage or the Status box just below the cover photo on your timeline, but do not click the Post button.

Remember that public information can: Facebook notifies recipients that they have a private message. Your Public Profile includes your name, gender, username and user ID account numberprofile picture, cover photo and networks. Generally, when you post or comment on a Page or to a public group, a story can be published in News Feed as well as other places on or off Facebook.

Perhaps you want to post something to your wall that only you can see. How Do I Send a Message?

How to Write a Private Post on Facebook

Click the "Post" button to publish the comment. What is public information? Some of the ways this helps us connect you are: Click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the Custom box when you finish your selections. Facebook Pages and public groups are public spaces.When I made several comments on my friends post.

I get comments respond to my comments which I never thought they could see. I have quite friends that doesn't know my other friends. Some I felt the comments should be private such as politic, religion, etc.

I would like to have control who see my comments or not. Alternatively, you may want to send a Facebook private message to an individual, which works like an email and does not appear on your wall or the recipient's wall.

Wall Posts 1. Click Write something From here you can: Write a post; Add a photo or video; Add a poll Select the photos or videos you want to add to Facebook.

Click Post.

(ex: television) and other sites on the Internet. For example, if you use our services to provide a real-time public comment to a television show, that may appear on the show or.

How to Send a Private Facebook Message

If you post a comment on a photo or someone else's post, you can't hide the comment on Facebook from people who can see the original post. Hide a Post on Facebook If you post something on Facebook and want to limit who can see it, you can adjust the privacy settings when you share the post or afterward.

Mar 23,  · Write whatever you'd like to say to the person. Keep in mind, however, that Facebook walls are not very private. Once the person sees your post, he/she can comment on or "Like" your Tracy McClair.

Jul 20,  · Best Answer: Settings --> Privacy Settings --> News Feed and Wall --> Uncheck "Show Wall posts" --> Save Changes. They will still be able to see the post if they check his profile; this just makes it not appear on the Resolved.

How to write a private comment on facebook
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