Fsm classroom teachers vs multiple intelligences essay

Because MI theory has gained so much support in the field of education Almeida, et al. In general, they are most productive when actively engaged. It must be very frustrating and is likely the cause of many of the behavior problems we see in schools.

Textbooks are frequently uninteresting to them unless they include interesting visual components. I stress interesting here, because many textbooks merely throw in an occasional photo or color without regard to its meaning in the context of the writing.

He was able to use this idea to think through, in a fun way, the support for such a position. I knew that kid. Howard Gardner first published his MI theory insuggesting that intelligence is not a single, static IQ number, but rather a dynamic collection of skills and talents that are manifested differently in different people Gardner, How can MI be used to support students?

Most people have strengths in several different areas of intelligence, so they will be able to feel successful using a variety of strategies. Interpersonal The personal intelligences, interpersonal and intrapersonal, operate alongside the other intelligences.

Whatever their dominant intelligence, they are the most comfortable and productive when they are able to generate ideas in a group or with a partner.

Inclusion and the Multiple Intelligences: Creating a Student-Centered Curriculum

This means that Fsm classroom teachers vs multiple intelligences essay they write they are quite literally translating their thoughts from a visual language.

In general, those with existential intelligence are most comfortable and productive when they are discussing or writing about themes. Using butcher paper, she created a dance map along the floor—a kind of dance notation—of her emerging ideas and her support for them.

Her efforts were not perfect the first time, and she had to do much erasing and recopying, but she was much happier working this way and having dancing breaks between the writing on the paper.

Spatial learners want to see the connection between what they visualize and what they read. The theory of multiple intelligences. Students favoring this modality tend to be the ones who must put everything in a larger framework, a global perspective, a historical context.

They are usually the first volunteers for erasing the board, going to the office, demonstrating a concept, or any other activity that gets them up out of their seats. They organize information systematically and are probably quite organized.

What if each student was to complete the assignment in a different way? Supreme Court so that people could not flee from diversity.

They may have been in trouble throughout their academic careers for wiggling, tapping their desks, clicking their pens, and all those other kinesthetic behaviors that annoy teachers.

They have trouble with group projects and class discussions.

Teachers can find ways to build tasks into each lesson that allow students to interact with the content in ways that fit their learning styles and strengths. But they have trouble with independent activities. Logical-Mathematical Students favoring this modality think in logical patterns.

In the movie, the characters were asked to write an essay explaining who they think they are Hughes, When I allowed these students to draft arguments as confrontations between two visually represented characters, the structure and logic of their papers improved. Would you be able to stick with the task without distraction?

Of course, the linguistic modality, with its focus on manipulation of language, is always involved in all English class tasks.

The nine main types of intelligences are indicated in Figure 1. I like to think through papers by writing "outline sonnets. While students were required to write an essay for themselves, during this development process, they were allowed to work in groups. Another option might be to offer two to five choices of activities students can do to demonstrate their mastery of the content.

This activity would use her interpersonal intelligence, which has also allowed her to be successful in social clubs and popular with her peers.

One of my own favorite approaches to outlining is highly linguistic. One student had chosen to write his persuasive essay on divorce and how it hurts children. My goal was to help students learn the drafting process that worked best for them so they would be better able to express their thoughts and more willing to write in and outside of class.

Highly linguistic writers may want to draft the paper rather than creating an outline of any kind. The need for movement in their learning is problematic for those who want students still in their seats. This is fine with me.From my own classroom experiences, I believe that teaching and learning through the multiple intelligences helps solve many common school problems and optimizes the learning experience for students and teachers alike.

Students often equate intelligence with grades and/or test scores. But teaching students about Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory can show them that they are all intelligent in different ways. FSM Classroom Teachers vs. Multiple Intelligences - The classroom teachers in the FSM have their own method or strategies for delivering a lesson from day to day.

Some of their strategies were repeated or mono-strategy. Benefits of Multiple Intelligences. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Therefore, teachers need to attend to all intelligences, not just the ones that the traditional intelligence focuses on.

indicating that this model is an alternative to the traditional ELT classroom pedagogy.

Berman stated that the SAFER model incorporated former. Multiple Intelligences in the Elementary Classroom: A Teacher's Toolkit [Susan Baum, Julie Viens, BARBARA SLATIN] on mint-body.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This book will help teachers design effective curriculum for their students with diverse learning abilities. The authors have created a guided process to apply MI theory to the /5(4). Differentiating Instruction using Multiple Intelligences in the Elementary School Classroom: A Literature Review by Differentiating Instruction Using Multiple Intelligences in the Elementary School Classroom: A Literature Review Likewise today, in a single grade classroom, teachers are faced with similar challenges teaching .

Fsm classroom teachers vs multiple intelligences essay
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