Factor that attract foreign workers work in malaysia

However, Ismail of Irda said the authority was confident that the incentive would bring back Malaysian talent as well as attract foreign knowledge workers. He said those eligible must be engaged in certain qualifying activities and must also add value in their respective fields.

The Iskandar Malaysia website also provides frequently asked questions to explain the incentive scheme. As a start, the aim should be to attract knowledge workers in the identified industries regardless whether they were working in Malaysia before that. The applicant is assessed on two sets of criteria, one for the applicant himself and the other for his employer.

For example, the rules prescribe the university qualifications and work experience that the applicant should have. In addition, the Government has formulated what some people feel is a narrow definition of the knowledge workers who qualify for this scheme.

He said Irda did not plan to change the criteria for the incentive but added that they were not cast in stone. Irda said it was accepting applications from qualifying professionals who commenced employment in Iskandar Malaysia on or after Oct 24 last year. This will also protect the existing tax revenue base.

National ICT Association of Malaysia Pikom chairman Wei Chuan Beng argued that the incentive would be more effective if it was also open to those currently based in Malaysia, because it would spur investors who already had a presence elsewhere in Malaysia to diversify to Iskandar Malaysia.

This rules out virtually anybody who has a job in Malaysia at present. Some of the observers have called for a review of the terms of eligibility.

The application period ends on Dec 31, The Iskandar Regional Develop-ment Authority Irda said there was no change in the intent of the incentive scheme, which was to attract knowledge workers from abroad and within to live and work in Iskandar Malaysia.

Foreign Worker

Instead, it appears that the main target group is knowledge workers based overseas. The incentive is a good way to encourage businesses in Malaysia to seek growth by going to Iskandar Malaysia. The incentive is not for those who are already employed in the country.The impact of foreign labor on Malaysian society.

rather Malaysia as a rapid growing hub has managed to attract both high and low-skilled workers from all different regions of the world.

existence of foreign workers creates a competitive labor market and thus allows Invisible Hand to be effectively put to work. Generally speaking, the. The Impact of Foreign Workers on Labour Productivity in Malaysian Manufacturing Sector Table 2 Labour force growth, Malaysia () () () Labour force 9, 11, 12, Request PDF on ResearchGate | Negative impact induced by foreign workers: Evidence in Malaysian construction sector | Though foreign workers served to overcome the labor shortage in the Malaysian.

Malaysian attitude causes influx of foreign workers

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TMK QuestAsia Sdn Bhd's INFO SHARING and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY /5(). The factors that influence the flow of migrants form a source country and the factors that attract a flow of migrants to the destination and recipient country have resulted in the huge influx of foreign workers, particularly illegal foreign workers, to Malaysia.


15% tax rate in Iskandar only for certain target group

foreign workers to Malaysia construction industry. argued that they can no longer find local workers who are willing to work in their estate.

Factor that attract foreign workers work in malaysia
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