Eu membership should norway become a

And by contributing financially to the EU in this way, Switzerland and Norway will benefit from increasing trade as Eastern and Central European states rapidly gain in prosperity with support from EU regional transfers. Will Norway ever join the EU?

The European project has been a great political success in first ensuring, and then extending democr There is no moral obligation upon either state to join the EU.

Norway has high GNP per capita, and would have to pay a high membership fee. Both Norway and Switzerland already gain from their economic association with the European Union, bu This gives the candidate additional guidance as it assumes the responsibilities of membership, as well as an assurance to current members that the candidate is meeting the conditions for joining.

Why isn't Norway in the EU?

Complicating the matter has been that a great variety of political and emotional factors have been raised in the debate. Although there is a general pattern that urban communities favour membership and rural communities do not, there have been vocal minorities in every area of Norway.

This has been Eu membership should norway become a for both the previous centre-right Bondevik government and the centre-left Stoltenberg government. Scholars have been puzzled by why Norwegian scepticism regarding EU membership has been consistently strong for decades, long before the Euro zone crisis kicked in.

Countries wishing to join need to have: How much are the concerns of smaller states taken seriously in the EU today? Radical socialists oppose membership because of an opposition to conservative economic and political forces that concern them within Europe; opponents on the right are concerned about an infringement on Norwegian culture; and others are opposed in principle to compromising Norwegian sovereignty.

Why Norway voted NO to the EU - and why it’s NEVER looked back, writes MIMMI KVISVIK

As strong democracies Switzerland and Norway surely belong within the EU family, and should play their part in advancing stability and European values in the future, for example in the Western Balkans. Both countries greatly value their sovereignty and do not want to give it up to Brussels.

Why Norwegians never wanted EU membership

And the nature of their relationships with Brussels means that their economies are inherently fragile — bilateral agreements could be cancelled by either side at any time.

Because the EU membership issue almost certainly would break up any conceivable government coalition except maybe a rainbow coalition of Labour and the Conservativesno government has raised the subject and no opposition party has stated any desire to do so either. Both would be net contributors to the EU budget, and would strengthen the EU at a time when it is still coping with poorer new members and would-be members in Eastern Europe.

Member state of the European Union

As latecomers they are not in a strong position to bargain over entry terms, and can expect to become major net contributors, especially as their farmers are unlikely to gain much from the Common Agricultural Policy. Unlike members of most international organisationsthe member states of the EU are subjected to binding laws in exchange for representation within the common legislative and judicial institutions.

And while it is true that trading freely with the EU requires acceptance of many of its rules, neither country has given up control over key policy areas such as agriculture, fishing highly important for Norway and foreign affairs.

Women and young people are most negative to EU membership, and the labour movement has grown even more sceptical to the EU in the last 20 years.

Businesses are sheltered from full competition, which can lead to complacency and a loss of global competitiveness. Switzerland and Norway, join EU Yes because Norway in particular, as an EEA member must accept all EU single-market, employment, environment and competition rules, and even contribute to the EU budget.

By contrast, small EU states are at the mercy of the European Central Bank, having to endure interest rates that may be right for Germany or France, but which are too tight or too loose for Ireland or Belgium.If Norway joined the EU, the redistribution funding mechanism would mean that Norway’s resources would be shared with EU countries.

Norwegians have determined that they wish to keep their cake since they would not benefit substantially from EU membership. “The arguments for saying ‘no’ were that membership was a threat to the sovereignty of Norway, the fishing industries and agriculture would suffer, that membership would result in.

The way the EU has handled (or rather not handled) the immigration crisis is enough to make any new vote on EU membership a non-option for Norway for the next 50 years, even if Solberg and other politicians would prefer to. It is difficult to assess what the economic impact of a EU membership would be for Norway.

A comparison of Norway’s annual GDP growth with that of Sweden and Finland, both of which joined the EU inshows that the three economies had an average growth ofand percent per year, respectively, in More about the Schengen area. Joining the EU. Becoming a member of the EU is a complex procedure which does not happen overnight.

Once an applicant country meets the conditions for membership, it must implement EU rules and regulations in all areas. The Kingdom of Norway is not a member state of the European Union (EU).

It is associated with the Union through its membership in agreements in the European Economic Area (EEA) established inand by virtue of being a founding member of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) which was founded inone of the .

Eu membership should norway become a
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