Eht4 5 task 4 lesson plan

What elements in their habitat allow them to do so? The idea with exploring is to give the learner the opportunity to practice or work with their new knowledge in some way. Doing so will allow him or her to re-teach or elaborate on what was misunderstood.

Lets say I do a lesson on Camouflage, first I would engage them with an informative video, explaining camouflage with animation. The lesson is reinforced by what the students have seen from their exploring.

What should be done to help them? Have them make a chart, so they can look at their findings and compare as a group. It means to wow them in a way that catches their attention.

What connections can you make? Students should notice that they picked less green strings because the green was blending in with the grass.

They might make a model, paint a picture, or make a mini book with drawings and facts to illustrate what they learned. Now in the explore they will play lets say a game where they will go out side and break up into teams. Analyze the data, what can you conclude?

Explore Once students are fully in grossed in the lesson, intrigued by a video or maybe a book, now it is time to allow them to explore the concept. Use the following words when questioning and make sure to keep the Scientific Method in mind: Checking for misunderstandings helps the teacher to observe what objectives need to be clarified or taught.

Lesson 15: Narrative Skills – Independent Writing

The most effective explorations allow for mistakes or trial and error. It is not forcing children to learn but inviting them to do so.

A student below level will need perhaps a repeat of the same explore activity with more teacher input to guide students through again to correct misunderstandings. This explaining is done without the teacher having to do much lecturing.

What do they not understand? What do you observe?EHT4 5 Task 4 Lesson Plan  LESSON PLAN Name: Tammie G. McDaniels WGU Task Objective Number: EHT4/5 - 03 GENERAL INFORMATION Lesson Title & Subject(s): Hootie the Phonics Owl Topic or Unit of Study: Phonics/Integrated Visual Arts Grade/Level: Elementary Grades Instructional Setting: Special needs self.

Task 3 for GKE 1 March 25, Western Governors University Page 2 In the East India Company acquired its first territory in Bombay, India. The East India Company was a British company that traded for goods, services, and raw materials with India.

What initially started as a trading company became a company ruling a country with Brittan’s backing. Grade 4 > English Language Arts Standards > Writing > Production and Distribution of Writing > With guidance and support from peers and adults, develop and strengthen writing as needed by planning, revising, and editing.

Lesson # _task 4 The student will be able to successfully write and represent a subtraction equation by using a 10's frame. Documents Similar To Task 4 Lesson Plan.

How to Create a 5 E Lesson Plan

ese a m4a2 formal lesson plan rough draft. Uploaded by. api lesson observations feedback. Revised Task 4. Uploaded by.

Sydney Lynn Teal. View Homework Help - EAT1 Task 4 Lesson Plan from EDUCATION EAT1 at Western Governors. LESSON PLAN Name: Melissa Powell WGU Task Objective Number: GENERAL INFORMATION Lesson Title &. Apr 18,  · The 5 E lesson supports inquire-based instruction.

It allows children to make discoveries and to process new skills in an engaging way. Teachers can also adequately plan power objectives more effectively by using the 5E mint-body.coms:

Eht4 5 task 4 lesson plan
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