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Thus, it provides maximum shopping convenience, so that a customer may make all his purchases at one place. Hence, a department store acts as a universal supplier of a wide variety of goods.

It is, in a technical sense, a horizontally integrated retail business house with all departments under one roof. The main features characteristics of a departmental store are: It buys goods in bulk direct from the manufacturers, enjoys discounts and rebates and credit facilities, and thereby incurs lower freight charges.

It gives more emphasis on quality and bigger choice of goods, and on other services and comforts.

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For instance, a newly married couple can establish their home by purchasing all their requirements at one place. Being large in size and having diversity in different lines of products and services, a departmental store can afford to advertise on a bigger scale through press and other media of publicity.

It concentrates in one place opportunities for the satisfaction of innumerable wants of the consumers. For some reason if one department incurs loss, the profits of other departments can compensate such loss. Thus, a unit of sales organisation assumes a very big size under a department store.

Meaning of a Departmental Store: As a result, departmental stores are able to sell products, at prices lesser than other retailers. Meaning of Department Store: Disadvantages of Departmental Stores: Higher Risk of Loss: Since a department store keeps very wide variety of goods of different designs, colours, styles, etc.

A consumer can hope to get all that he needs in a big departmental store. Departmental stores usually have several departments.

Departmental store is usually a large business unit. These have great impact on the fixation of product selling prices on account of these cost factors, and a departmental store finds it difficult to sell the products at reasonable prices. Facilities and services offers by the store attract considerable number of customers.

Large volume of sales: The establishment and overhead charges of a department store are considerable. Advertisement undertaken by one department becomes the advertisement for the other department too. Therefore, a customer can purchase all his requirements from a particular place.

The availability of such services acts as a special attraction to customers. Such stores have a better future in a highly industrialised country like the U. In order to attract people to the department store, one of the departments may be used as a loss seller, i.

Increase in Sales Turnover: Stephenson, a departmental store can obtain the shopping trade by being centrally located but the trade in articles of everyday use, which are frequently wanted at short notices, goes to their smaller rivals who are located near the houses of their customers.

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Department Store: Meaning, Features and Advantages

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Department stores Essay  Department stores Zeïneb CHAOUCH A department store is a retail establishment preferring wide range of commodities, usually including ready-to-wear apparel, fashion goods, beauty necessities, yard and household goods and further on.

Numerous department in which it. A department store is a huge retail shop situated at a central place in the city, divided into a number of small shops or departments each dealing with one or two lines of goods and specialising in those lines.

Tanglewood Stores Case 3 1) Recruitment Guide for Store Associate Position: Store Associate Reports to: Department Manager/Store Manager Qualifications: College graduate or any individual who has retail and/or customer service experience Relevant labor market: Tanglewood Case 2 Essay.

Essay on Departmental Store: Top 6 Essays | Retail Management. In it, each department is a speciality shop such as textile department, drugs department, books and stationery department, video cassette department, etc.

A consumer can hope to get all that he needs in a big departmental store. Essay # 2. Features of Departmental Stores.

Department store 2 essay
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