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The Merck Veterinary Manual. For treatment, antiviral drugs work best if started soon after getting sick within two days of symptoms. Influenza C[ edit ] Influenza viruses infect both humans and pigs, but do not infect birds. In Conclusion swine flu sows multiplication of viruses and virus shedding are significantly reduced.

Anyone with flu-like symptoms, such as a sudden fever, cough or muscle aches, should stay away from work or public transportation, and should contact a doctor for advice.

Swine influenza

This is a very timely topic. Ashley Kannan Certified Educator This is a very timely topic. One of the most egregious health care epidemics to sweep through the modern world in the past couple of years is the infamous H1N1 swine flu.

Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze.

Swine Flu: 10 Things Not to Do

Her husband recovered from his symptoms. The mids were important for the evolution of flu strains. Although it is not certain in which direction the virus was transferred, some evidence suggests, in this case, pigs caught the disease from humans.

Avoid touching your eyesnose, or mouth. Many African Americans do not believe vaccines or doctors to be effective. Although strains of swine influenza are usually not able to infect humans, this may occasionally happen, so farmers and veterinarians are encouraged to use face masks when dealing with infected animals.

Face masks should be worn once and then thrown out.

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In —, H3N2 strains emerged. Swine[ edit ] Methods of preventing the spread of influenza among swine include facility management, herd management, and vaccination Conclusion swine flu code: Aroundthe ancestral virus, of avian origin, crossed the species boundaries and infected humans as human H1N1.

The predictable happened as the weather warmed. Ten minutes ahead of the trucks with the equipment, I found no way to free any sows and piglets before all roasted alive in their steel farrowing crates, squealing in terror and agony. People who are high priorities for H1N1 vaccination are: Main symptoms of swine flu in swine [2] The influenza virion is roughly spherical.

I am writing an essay on swine flu (H1N1).Can you help me construct an essay on swine flu?

Humans[ edit ] If a person becomes sick with swine flu, antiviral drugs can make the illness milder and make the patient feel better faster. It was detected only from January 19 to February 9 and did not spread beyond Fort Dix.

Since the protective ability of influenza vaccines depends primarily on the closeness of the match between the vaccine virus and the epidemic virus, the presence of nonreactive H3N2 SIV variants suggests current commercial vaccines might not effectively protect pigs from infection with a majority of H3N2 viruses.

Your best bet is to get both vaccines. H1N1 virus pandemic history[ edit ] A study conducted inand published in the journal Nature, has managed to establish the Conclusion swine flu origin of the flu strain of swine origin S-OIV.

The CDC recommends waiting until at least 24 hours after you are free of fever of degrees Fahrenheit, or signs of fever, without taking fever-reducing medicines.

A year-old woman, Barbara Ann Wieners, was eight months pregnant when she and her husband, Ed, became ill after visiting the hog barn at a county fair in Walworth County, Wisconsin.

First, the re-emergence of the human H1N1 strain became a seasonal strain. Between pigs[ edit ] Influenza is quite common in pigs, with about half of breeding pigs having been exposed to the virus in the US.

Many people of lower socioeconomic status are less likely to receive vaccinations because they do not have health insurance. The same is true for N95 respirators worn snugly over the face as filters.

Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath Pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen. These studies show that whites are much more likely to be vaccinated for seasonal influenza and for the H1N1 strain than African Americans [56] This could be due to several factors. Use a tissue or your arm -- not your hands.

The virus survives in healthy carrier pigs for up to three months, and can be recovered from them between outbreaks. By midsummer thousands of people were ill. The critical moment for the outbreak was between and Archived from the original on January 13, This would give way to describing what exactly is within the H1N1 Virus and why it has spread in such a rampant manner.

Influenza-like illness ILI was reportedly widespread among the pigs exhibited at the fair. Inserted into the lipid membrane are "spikes", which are proteins—actually glycoproteins, because they consist of protein linked to sugars—known as HA hemagglutinin and NA neuraminidase.

The guidelines are mainly for a description of A H1N1 for prompt identification, detection, and distinction from the symptoms of other similar infection such as common flu cold b categorization of screening of influenza A H1N1 cases, c clinical management protocol of Pandemic influenza A H1N1, d providing home care, e collection of human sample.Swine Flu (in Pigs) H1N1: Overview of a Pandemic.

Conclusion. Where are we now? During the flu season, CDC expects the H1N1 virus to cause illness again along with other influenza viruses; The flu vaccine is expected to protect against H1N1 (and an H3N2 virus and an influenza B virus).

2009 H1N1: Overview of a Pandemic

Conclusion Swine Flu. October 19 ENC The Spread of the Swine Flu Pandemic of InH1N1 better known as the swine flu, was declared a worldwide outbreak in over 22 countries resulting in approximatelydeaths.

Tom Philpott’s April 28 piece on the swine flu pandemic, which questioned whether there is a link between the virus’ emergence in Mexico and the presence nearby of factory-scale pork farms, sparked a vigorous debate on the Society for Environmental Journalists listserv.

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Merritt Clifton was one. Jun 10,  · Best Answer: Swine flu is a new virus that the world has never seen before, it has many similarities to the past pandemics and could ultimately turn into anotherhowever unlikely that sounds at this moment in time.

Since it's discovery in April it has spread around the globe and has caused infections in 74 countries totalling over infections, but the real number will be much Status: Resolved.

For example, during the swine flu outbreak in the United States, the CDC advised physicians to "consider swine influenza infection in the differential diagnosis of patients with acute febrile respiratory illness who have either been in contact with persons with confirmed swine flu, or who were in one of the five U.S.

states that have. Read about 10 things not to do to avoid swine flu -- including swine flu parties and counting on face masks for swine flu prevention. Swine Flu: 10 Things Not to Do.

Conclusion swine flu
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